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Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird – Gabriel’s Horn

In collaboration with Matthew Shaw for Double Drummer Music, 2023. 

When we first heard “Gabriel’s Horn”, we were uplifted by the feel-good beat. It feels like the kind of song you want to get up and dance to, and be surrounded by people in mutual celebration. We wanted to capture this feeling by gathering a compilation of as many people as possible, dancing in as many different locations as we could find. We initially considered contracting dancers we knew, but as a documentary photographer/filmmaker duo, we are more interested in incorporating the general public into our work. So when it came to making this video, we decided to only involve street-cast dancers. We took to the streets with a camera and speaker, approaching strangers and asking them if they wanted to dance to the song, right then and there. All the footage in the video has been recorded spontaneously, having met each person only moments before. We were happily surprised by how receptive people were, and how talented they were at dancing. What emerged was a joyous constellation of brilliant performers, and a video that was deliriously fun to make.

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Dark Mofo 

Festival videography in collaboration with Conor-Castles Lynch for Dark Mofo, 2022.

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The End of the Runway


A documentary following the avid community of plane watchers at Melbourne Airport. Filmed in collaboration with Matthew Shaw, currently in post-production.

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Noosa 2 Byron

Commissioned documentary filmed in collaboration with James Meadowcroft for Simba Global, 2023. 
Following the emotional journey of four participants in the inaugural Noosa 2 Byron charity ride. Filmed in Noosa, Brisbane and Byron Bay.

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The Exact Dimensions of Hell 

Theatre documentation for playwrights Bridget Mackey and Alice Darling, 2023.

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Angie Pai Artist Profile

Promotional video for ACAE Gallery, 2023. Shot in Melbourne at Angie Pai’s studio. 

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Promotional Video Exhibition

Commissioned video for Melbourne Polytechnic. Screened at the Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design Graduate Show, 2023. Shot in Melbourne.

Beaker Street Festival

Festival documentation in collaboration with Conor Castles-Lynch for Beaker Street Festival 2022. Shot in Hobart, Triabunna and Cradle Mountain.

Here, for now

Curatorial Project

You sound lost
Where are you going?

Is it in your papers?
What are you carrying?


— Akram Khan, “Bahok”

    Film program curated for Dogmilk VODMilk, 2021. 

    “Here, for now” presents five evocations of movement and home. From roots to routes, these works navigate an embodied, mobile geography through memory, migration, environment, dance and survival.

    Featuring works by Olivia du Vergier and Mie Beers (Canada), Angie Pai (Taiwan/Australia), Nick Ventura (United States), Nada Mawsouf, Alia Haytham and Laila Said (Egypt).